Pose with Buddha

Pose with Buddha on his birthday next month when you’re scuba diving at Tulamben’s Coral Gardens fish nursery!

Statues of Buddha infuse a uniquely traditional Balinese atmosphere to the underwater world, and divers can see Him in two different poses. Namaskara (anjali mudra): seated in lotus position, hands close to chest and palms pressed together. This is a greeting in India and many South East Asian countries, and its meaning derives from Buddhas teachings on devotion and adoration. Another statue, Buddha is reclining: depicting his last illness and preparing to enter paranirvana (the end of death and rebirth). His smile is calm and compassionate to encourage enlightenment. What better environment to learn scuba diving than one where there are statues to inspire such positive energy for both Bali Dream Divers’ PADI Instructors and their student divers to experience smooth dive training.

Get in touch via e-mail or phone to contact our ‘Dream Team’ to create a dive package, which includes staying at our beautiful bungalow villa accommodation where the relaxing and meditative calm of Coral Gardens continues!


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