Breaking dawn over Tulamben

Breaking dawn over Tulamben isn’t quite the time for diving…but just after! You can’t possibly miss one of Mother Natures’ most beautiful creations!

Bali Dream Divers PADI Pro Divers’ schedule for our sunrise dive is: 6:00AM arrival at the dive centre to suit up and a quick coffee (if you need it!…but the dive itself will wake you up, no doubt!); dive safety briefing by 6:15AM; short walk down to the pebbly beach and watch the sunrise; descend by 7:00AM or earlier! You may not be a ‘morning person’, but trust us – sunrise dive at the USAT Liberty Shipwreck is one of the very best dives you will experience as part of your Bali dive travel adventure! Incredible visibility, a world-class shipwreck and witnessing a train of the Liberty’s resident bumphead parrotfish!

Worried you might oversleep? Stay at our bungalow villa accommodation (same location as our dive centre), and your PADI professional dive guide will be more than happy to offer you a wake up call in the form of a knock on your door! And our ‘Dream Team’ offer a great discounted nightly rate per bungalow villa for diving guests, including breakfast – much appreciated after a sunrise dive!


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