‘Big Brother’ of Tulamben

Angler flatfish (Asterorhombus fijiensis) is the ‘Big Brother’ of Tulamben, with its 180° rotating eyes for complete CCTV surveillance capabilities!

Funnily enough, the flatfish doesn’t begin its life with a flattened body. With maturity its body flattens more and more, and its eyes will follow suit to be located on their upper-side – making them more effective at spotting their prey…and their predators too! These fish can be found all over the sandy slopes of the Coral Gardens dive site in Tulamben, right next to the USAT Liberty Shipwreck, and it’s such a thrill for diving guests when they spot one despite its efforts to camouflage and bury itself in the sand.

Contacting the Bali Dream Divers’ ‘Dream Team’ for a dive package will have you diving under the experienced supervision of our PADI Pro Divers to see lots of these strange fish soon enough!


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