Tryon’s risbecia trailing Tulamben

Tryon’s risbecia (Hypselodoris tryoni) trailing Tulamben is a frequent sighting, and their trailing behaviour is an enigmatic one.

Imagine 3 to 4 cars tail-gating one another, but in that case it’s a dangerous and negative behaviour! When Tryon’s risbecia exhibit ‘tail-gating’, it’s a positive impact. The first nudibranch in the front is simply the leader, but not necessarily the dominant, as they freely switch leaders between their trail. All follow one another due to their natural mucous trail and they will make contact during most of their journey. Why do they want to follow one another? Well, it’s going to be fairly quick to find a mate! And that leads to more nudibranchs in future – a positive impact on their population…and divers appreciate more nudibranchs too!

Bali Dream Divers’ PADI Pro Divers are always on the look out for rare and new species of nudibranchs at all dive sites in Tulamben. Contact the ‘Dream Team’ and arrange a dive adventure in Bali specific to nudibranch ‘hunting’.


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