‘Penis fencing’ in Tulamben?

‘Penis fencing’ in Tulamben? It’s not so strange in the context of flatworms, and specifically the Pseudobiceros genus – notorious ‘penis fencers’!

The point of this ‘game’ is for two flatworms battling to NOT be inseminated with sperm…and be ‘burdened’ with motherhood! It’s actually a battle you wouldn’t want to lose, because the the one ‘fenced’ will be physically damaged in the process and as a result be weaker. Their body is flat (obviously!), except for two extendable dagger-like stylets on the front – their fencing ‘equipment’. No mate? No problem! They will simply ‘fence’ themselves because this species have BOTH sex organs (hermaphroditic). Honestly – these strange and fascinating facts about underwater creatures are the reasons why we make scuba diving our lifestyle as PADI Pro Divers at Bali Dream Divers Tulamben!

See what other weird and wonderful marine life behaviour you could witness when you contact our ‘Dream Team’ for a combination ‘Stay & Dive’ package to include accommodation in one of our bungalow villas!


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