Liberty’s sweepers

Liberty’s sweepers crowd in the stern of fantastic world-famous shipwreck of Tulamben, Bali!

During daylight hours, sweepers (Pempheridae¬†family) seek shelter inside the USAT Liberty wreck and it might not look like they’re sleeping because they’re eyes are open…but they are indeed asleep! They are nocturnal fish, and on night dives they will exit the wreck to hunt for their prey. Good thing too, as the enormous bumphead parrotfish (Bolbometopon muricatum) return from their daily migration to sleep inside the wreck. They don’t leave much room for other fish, but the ‘big-boned’ family spread themselves out all over the 120-metre long wreck. That’s fortunate for divers, so we can visit these beautiful 100-pound fish in their ‘home’ of the Liberty!

Contact the ‘Dream Team’ to ask for more information on the incredible marine life and points of interest to witness on this world-class dive destination in Bali.


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