Bali’s Phyllidia family

Bali’s Phyllidia family are very similar in appearance…making them one of the hardest to identify these nudibranch species members!

In Tulamben, our Bali Dream Divers’ PADI professionals are always looking out for a juvenile Graeffe’s sea cucumber (Pearsonothuria graeffei) that mimics the nudibranch. Clever nature! When they are young, toxins haven’t developed…and as they mature, they will have the ability to eject culverian tubules laced with glycosides – neurotoxin that induces a similar effect to cocaine! A sea cucumber’s version of ‘spiking’ their victims’ drink!

Join the marine life fascination with us when you create a suitable ‘Stay & Dive’ package to include all perks of our bungalow villa accommodation! Contact our ‘Dream Team’ for more information about other awesome sea creatures when you dive the beautiful reefs around Tulamben village!


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