‘Return of the Bali Mantis’

‘Return of the Bali Mantis’, is a spoof video our PADI Pro Divers are planning to create for educational purposes about the notorious peacock mantis shrimp (Odontodactylus scyllarus)!

These ‘shrimp’ species have a deadly and ruthless ‘punch’, but they’re behaviour is one of the most entertaining of all marine life! And note the punctuation mark of ‘shrimp’ as they are not technically a shrimp, but some sort of hybrid of crab and lobster…!? Well, the strangeness of this creature doesn’t end there. We always take our ‘sweet’ time gawking at this particular animal when we spot it on a dive. Peacock mantis shrimp see the world in a way humans cannot comprehend, as their spectrum of colours include patterns of UV light that are invisible to us!

More dives you do, the better your chance to see the peacock mantis shrimp along with any and all the other marine life in Tulamben, Bali! And we’re always surprised on every dive to see a rarely seen animal and the variety of tropical fish! Contact the ‘Dream Team’ for a ‘Stay & Dive’ package to arrange a program of diving, diving, DIVING!


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