Dive with naked gills in Bali

Diving with naked gills in Bali…may sound a little misleading. We’re referring to the naked gills of nudibranchs!

Special nudibranchs (rare to see because they’re difficult to spot) make divers ‘wild’! Especially underwater photographers because of their unique appearance. Take this pair of Gray Norse Gods (Aegires serenae), which was a lucky find for one of our Bali Dream Divers’ Pro Divers during an underwater tour for our even luckier divers witnessing the Coral Gardens fish nursery dive site nearby our dive centre in Tulamben. They can be easily confused with the Nembrotha family of nudibranchs who have the distinctly detailed gills that are similar…and are also dorids! It can be overwhelming to identify when their extended family is thousands-strong! So after your dives we have a few marine life identification reference books to browse through, and let’s not forget the all-knowing ‘Google’!

Contact our ‘Dream Team’ to be our next lucky diver to witness a rare creature such as the Gray Norse God and similar!


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