Herding catfish in Tulamben

Herding catfish in Tulamben couldn’t be any simpler, as these fish have a typical schooling behaviour.

Striped eel catfish (Plotosus lineatus) to be exact, are notoriously dependent on one another! Despite having fatally venomous spines in their pectoral and first dorsal fins, they don’t stray far from one another for the very brilliant method of protection: strength in numbers! And would you believe us if we mention that they share a common feature with sharks!? The ampullae of Lorenzini! This evolutionary brilliance, composed of sensory organs, is millions of years in the making to allow certain fish species the ability to sense electric and magnetic fields. Which is why sharks are a top predator!

See how different two fish who share the same evolutionary feature are when you dive with our PADI Pro Divers around Tulamben’s gorgeous dive sites. Naturally deep sea creatures, blacktip and whitetip sharks will coast the shallows (15-20 metres) when there’s not too many divers in the area! Contact our ‘Dream Team’ for a Stay & Dive package to include several dives spread over a few days for the best chance to spot the majestic fish!


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