Bali ‘aliens’

Bali ‘aliens’ come in two different forms: aeolid or dorid. Did you read our previous post on grouping nudibranchs?

Well this indian caloria (Caloria indica) is an aeolid nudibranch because its body appearance is very distinctive – covered in vibrantly coloured cerata; its ends filled with nasty cnidocytes! Bali Dream Divers’ Pro Divers adore the nearby dive site, Batu Belah, renowned for macrolife. Underwater photographers can spend the entire day there, experiencing 3-4 dives in that day and each dive offers a bounty of marine life unseen on the previous dive! Donald duck shrimp (that’s a real animal!) is a hilariously unique creature (somewhat resembling the famous Disney cartoon, Donald Duck!) that can be found there, yet not so easy to find at other reefs around Amed, Tulamben or Kubu!

Create a package to combine both your macro specific dives and staying at our gorgeous bungalow villas in Tulamben Village, when you contact our ‘Dream Team’!


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