Geometric shapes of Bali

Throwing geometric shapes in Bali are never more naturally skilled than displayed by the Geometric Chromodoris (Chromodoris geometrica).

Being part of the 360-strong taxonomic family of Chromodorididae, and part of the Dorididae superfamily, the geometric chromodoris nudibranch is part of an enormous underwater tribe! Interestingly, the etymology of the superfamily Dorididae comes from the sea nymph, Doris, from Greek mythology. Doris had 50 nereids (‘daughters’), also sea nymphs represented as barefooted, beautiful girls wearing flowing white robes and a crown of red corals – symbolising all that is kind and beautiful about the sea!

How appropriate the Dorididae superfamily are named after the nereids – as they are, in our opinion, marine life epitomising kindness and beauty in Tulamben! Contact our ‘Dream Team’ to create a ‘Stay & Dive’ package with our PADI Professionals to focus on these nereid-like macrolife!


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