It’s Tulamben Pygmy Season!

It’s Tulamben pygmy season now! All divers, professional and recreational, get really excited to spot pygmy seahorses, and especially when the macrolife will stay in the area for a few weeks!

When diving the ‘Drop Off’ wall dive site, Bali Dream Divers’ PADI Pro Divers spend a majority of their time searching for a pygmy seahorse that wrap their tails on the branches of gorgonian sea fans. The more complexly layered the sea fan the better the chance there will be a pygmy seahorse living on it! Hippocampus bargibanti and Hippocampus denise are two pygmy species that live exclusively in symbiosis with certain species of gorgonian sea fans to expertly camouflage themselves with. In fact, they are so good at camouflage that they are a relatively new marine life discovery; found as early as 1969! And they were discovered by accident no less, as scientist Georges Barbigant was collecting the Muricella species of gorgonian – there, were a pair of seahorses!

Contact our ‘Dream Team’ to start diving (if you haven’t already!) to learn about the fascinating underwater life we share this planet with! Keep diving and you will only learn more about special creatures in our seas and oceans!


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