Tulamben’s future

Tulamben‘s future looks promising with the insistence of cultural education amongst the youth community in Bali’s villages!

Traditional dance is one of the more popular extracurricular activities that young children (girls, more so than boys!) practise to accomplish an art form. Spiritual significance of Balinese dance may be a little ‘heavy’ for young children to fully understand and appreciate, so balih-balihan dances that are purely for entertainment purposes will first be mastered. Eventually, when they are of age and have perfected their form will they have the opportunity to learn sacred (wali) dances. In the modern day, traditions of Bali are not forsaken for the popularity of scuba diving, but rather scuba diving is incorporated into certain village’s ‘culture’ because it’s a sport that offers a different perspective of their beautiful Bali home – underwater!

Get in touch with our ‘Dream Team’ when you contact us, and experience both the traditional and modern influences on Tulamben’s culture…especially the USAT Liberty Shipwreck!


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