Bali’s fiery youths

Bali’s fiery youths have not yet developed the sting their DNA is coded to deliver until they’ve matured…which is great news for underwater photographers to get their macro lens as close as possible!

Firefish (Pterois), commonly named lionfish due to its flared spiny fins, possess aposematism: a defense mechanism using some warning signal (colouration, sound or odour). Even in their juvenile phase, the lionfish displays spots and bands on their body and flamboyant pectoral fins. Lots of marine animals possess some form of aposematism: lobsters create a sound to warn off potential predators. Usually, divers are more likely to hear this during night dives when lobsters are more likely to reveal themselves because of their nocturnal hunting behaviour.

Contact the ‘Dream Team’ PADI professional divers for more information on the night versus daylight marine life in Tulamben, Bali; and arrange a ‘Stay and Dive’ package to witness as much as possible of the underwater world!


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