Muricella coral of Tulamben

Chosen ‘home’ of Bargibant’s seahorse (Hippocampus bargibanti) is the Muricella coral of Tulamben, and we can frequently spot these teeny critters at many a dive site!

Already, we’ve covered some interesting facts about the resident of the Gorgonian sea fans, but for the sake of understanding why they choose this coral in particular is as interesting. So what’s so special about Gorgonians for pygmy seahorses? Muricella plectana species is chosen by Bargibant’s seahorse that have a grey coloured body with pink tubercles (pictured); on the other hand, the Muricella paraplectana are chosen by ones that have a yellow body and orange tubercles. The symbiotic relationship the Bargibant’s seahorse share with these two species of gorgonian sea fans offers incredible camouflage for the seahorse. Divers too rely on the polyp colonies of these soft coral structures too – their movement indicates underwater currents to offer our PADI professional divers to plan their dive with natural navigation.

Find out more about natural navigation when you enrol on the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course once you contact our ‘Dream Team’! Plan your future dives with the same methods as our dedicated PADI Instructors do, and confidently dive all over Bali and Indonesia!


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