PADI Open Water

At Bali Dream Divers in Tulamben, so many of our PADI Discover Scuba Diving¬†participants will upgrade their underwater experience to certify as PADI Open Water Divers…and who could blame them!?

Master buoyancy under the direct supervision of your PADI Instructor to be a confident diver and get ‘up close and personal’ with marine life, without harming yourself or the coral reef environment!

Once your Bali Dream Divers’ PADI Instructor delivers the necessary briefing for the first few skills required toward qualifying as an entry-level diver, you will immediately proceed to the shoreline and enter the water! So within the first hour of agreeing to begin your dive adventure – you will ‘Get Wet’!

There are 3 popular dive sites in Tulamben, all within walking distance of our dive base. Throughout your PADI Open Water Diver course, your experienced and professional PADI Instructor can introduce you to them all; while practising safe scuba diving skills to dive to a maximum depth of 18m/60ft and relish the incredible underwater world!

Dive computers make planning dives much easier; your PADI Instructor will make learning the basic principles of science and maths behind it easy too, as well as a lot of fun!

3-4 days

Minimum Requirements:
10 years old.


  • 5 Confined Water Dives;
  • 4 Open Water Dives;
  • Waterskills Assessments;
  • Knowledge development reviews, quizzes & exam;
  • View latest PADI Open Water Diver video.

Pre-dive safety check is paramount to diver confidence. Here, Anton and Ola from Sweden, check each others’ inflation hose before Open Water Dive 3 at the USAT Liberty Wreck!


  • Excellence in professional PADI dive education conducted with highest level of safety standards;
  • All PADI Open Water Diver educational materials;
  • Lifetime certification as PADI Open Water Diver;
  • Refreshments (tea/coffee/water) during rest from practical dive training at Bali Dream Divers;
  • All dive tax, porter fees, full equipment rental.

IDR 4,700,000


  • Transportation to/from Bali Dream Divers, Tulamben;
  • Meals;
  • Accommodation.

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