Going to Bali? Go PRO!

Going to Bali? Go PRO! Might as well because Bali has such a variety of dive experiences to offer…apart from cold water/dry suit diving!

Casey from the US just completed his PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course under the experienced and professional supervision of one of our PADI Instructors at Bali Dream Divers. Many student divers find the PADI Underwater Navigation Adventure Dive one of the most challenging to master as underwater currents can change mid-dive, counting efficient fin kick and time is altered as a result, thus navigating to a determined point isn’t perfectly executed. Though it is imperatively important for student divers to understand that PADI standards offers a margin of error to master the required skills of underwater navigation.

We shall be reconnecting with Casey once again this summer in Tulamben, when he enrols on our PADI Rescue Diver course. This is a fantastic introduction to the first PADI professional level: PADI Divemaster! Join Casey in his dive adventures to Go PRO when you contact our ‘Dream Team’ for more information!


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